[Blender] Popup Vertex Group List

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[Blender] Popup Vertex Group List

16 ratings

This is an add-on for Blender 2.80+ and 2.79.

It shows a popup dialog with all the vertex groups of your mesh so you can quickly select them. Picking a vertex group from the list will make it active. It's great for weight painting.

If one or more vertices of your mesh are selected, the dialog will also show a "Relevant Groups" menu with a list of groups that have weights for those selected vertices.

Current Version:

1.3.1 (2020-07-05)

How to use:

- Download the appropriate file for your Blender version: 2.79 or 2.83;
- Install the ZIP file using the Add-ons tab of your user preferences on Blender;
- Call the popup from the Weights > Popup Vertex Group List menu in Weight Paint mode.

The best way to use this popup is by binding a hotkey to it so you can quickly use it as you work.
For keymaps, the operator name is: paint.popup_vertex_group_list.
You should probably add this keymap to the 3D View > Weight Paint input category so this keymap only works when you're in this mode.

(2.79 only) Remember to press "Save User Settings" to save your changes.

Addon Preferences:

- Auto-select Corresponding Bone: when ticked on, selecting a group from the list will automatically select the appropriate pose bone with the same name as the group. If that bone doesn't exist then that's fine, nothing happens. Default: on.

- Items per Column: set the amount of vertex groups that are distributed per each column on the UI layout. This changes the size of the popup -- lower values makes the dialog wider, higher values makes the dialog taller. Default: 20.


Go to your user preferences, Add-ons tab, then find this add-on in either the Paint or the User categories. Expand its info box and press the "Remove" button to uninstall the add-on.



I want this!

Add-on for Blender 2.80+ and 2.79 + Free updates/fixes/support


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